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DSLR Camera bag - Just the right amount of 'slouch'
French Linen & Waxed Canvas

Featured in 'Click' magazine

*French Linen & espresso brown Wax Canvas created in the USA

*2 Open outside pockets
*Adjustable shoulder strap, silver hardware
*Dimensions (LxWxH) 14" x 5" x 12"
*Eco Friendly cotton interior tab top will vary
*6 open pockets for personal items... cell, keys, lip gloss, wallet, etc.
*Room for i pad, book, daily necessities
*Removable Foam padded camera carrier:
      Exterior walls & bottom of the bag are padded
     Second layer of waterproof electronics foam on bottom
     3 Sections for:
Dslr (with or without lens) most regular size 5 x 5 cameras
will fit nicely with a lens attached + 2 additional lenses or battery charger, flash drive etc.
1 stationary padded pocket... think extra batteries, memory cards and more!


Sure to bring a smile to your face each time you use them... (not to mention a stream of Compliments)

Life is messy, at least we can LOOK pulled together!

A little bit about our fabrics:
Linen and Waxed Cotton Canvas created here in the US
Our Linen is made in a family owned mill here in the US. The designers brought their equipment over from France and use age old methods to create their rich & rustic looking fabric - woven from thick threads and left natural - no dyes, bringing out the beautiful textures.
Our Waxed canvas
- Made from waxed cotton made here in the US - also known as oilskin - in rich warm colors this is a 12oz medium-weight cotton canvas fabric which has been impregnated and dyed with natural oils and waxes to render a water and weather-resistant finish which will age beautifully over time, acquiring a patina much like leather. Cleaning just requires you to hose it off or wipe with a damp cloth, no soap or scrubbing required!

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