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mack pack - Camera purse insert

mack pack - Camera purse insert

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The Mack Pack - A best seller since 2009 !
Turn your purse into a camera bag! Drop your foam padded insert into a purse, backpack, travel or diaper bag.
Approx. 11" wide x 7" tall and 5" deep
(water resistant)
Carry just one bag!
 1/2" foam padding on all sides, bottom and center
3 sections - One for your camera (with lens on) and 2 additional lens
Zipper top close
(Camera shown in photo approx 5" x 6" x 4")

Made in America so no chemicals, long overseas shipping times, or unfair labor practices.

Locally sourced materials, and a unique lightweight Vegan design make our products different.
Wipe clean with damp cloth or wash on gentle cycle cold water & air dry
Love Joy Peace...... the fruits of the spirit... Gal 5:22-23